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Thursday, October 19, 2017



The Only TH Trailer Built Specifically For The More Mobile
Jo Oistad
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The Only TH Trailer Built Specifically For The More Mobile

The only #THtrailer built specifically for the more mobile, #sustainability customer, seeking the #best #foundation for a tiny home where weight, strength, and better insulation is expected.  Builders have been testing the limits of tiny home trailers most recently with the addition of bump outs, front and or rear #roof #extensions, rear #storage compartments, and even slide outs.  Add to this the expansion of a th foot print on to the tongue of a trailer.  TH trailers were never meant to have this weight cantilevered beyond the inside limitations of a trailer where the bulk of the weight was to be centered between the axles at the alleged 60% distance from the front of the trailer.  only to find that their tongue weight exceeded the 10% to 12% allowed for correct towing.  As many customers are considering the move away from wood clad army tanks( I'm kidding) towards more nimble, easily movable structures to accommodate the new digital Nomad aka modern day Gypsy, the #industry must change as well.  With reinforced bridge like truss supports, extended tongue lengths, maintenance free #aluminum #alloy, alloy #wheels, #galvanized axles, reinforced trusses at each end to support the outside corners, one of the weakest points on a #tinyhome trailer.  the only post build suspension box that can be fine tuned at any time to adjust for incorrect weight distribution, just to name a few.  Or how about Sip insulated floor cells,  skinned in aluminum alloy, negating the need for a belly pan, offering an amazing 9.5 per inch of "R" value.  To this you add the only closed cell insulated cross members on 16" centers, allowing for the in trailer floor structure, giving much needed interior height.  How about the only fender less, low deck height, eliminating those unsightly wheels and tires not to mention the need to build around them as well.   Then we add  torsion bar suspension, disk brakes, marine grade #brake components, led surround lighting,  stainless steel Bearing Buddies, allowing for grease to be added to the bearings from the outside.  To top it off, these bearing are not made in #Mexico or #China like most.  They are rated for high speed and are made in Germany.   Our unique floor with insulation will be available as an option for about the same price as doing it you have the extra time? How about eliminating the support jacks all together and simply push a button and waych your tiny self level.  Need to load or change a jack or adjustable #tonguedjack is needed.  In a few days, our trailer will be featured in detail  everywhere on the internet. Thanks Ja


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